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Who We Are

wBees Montessori is an AMS affiliated Montessori preschool located in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 6. We have roots as an outdoor learning forest school where we endeavor to bring nature into our classrooms and our children into nature. We will have two toddler classrooms for 2's and two primary mixed-age classrooms for children 3-6. We are slated to open in winter of 2020.

For fall 2020, we will run a Co-Working Class from September through December. Please find out more information here.

Our Seedlings have been loving 🥰 food p

Seedlings - Toddlers

85% of a child's brain develops in the first 3 years of their life and this period is commonly known as the "absorbent mind". Toddlers learn effortlessly and it is our aim to set up our Seedlings' classroom environment that allows them to be active participants in their learning. 

Children as young as 2, learn to care for their environment by watering class plants, caring for class pets, and sweeping and wiping spills that are a part of our daily life. This satisfies a toddler's natural drive to be independent.

Children learn to navigate through a work cycle by choosing materials and toys that they wish to work with and replace them for others to have a turn. We practice grace and courtesy and learn how to be part of our Seedling community!

Our Seedlings learn that school is a safe place for them to learn and play and that their grownup always returns at the end of the day!

Gearing up for Curriculum Night this wee

Saplings - Primary age

Children between the ages of 3-5 are starting to filter out and consciously choose what it is they wish to learn. With this in mind, we prepare our primary classrooms with Montessori materials in the different curricular areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Cultural (Science and Geography). All of our materials engage children through their hands, which they internalize bodily, and finally to their minds. With our teachers as guides, our Saplings move through the work cycle by choosing works from areas of study that interest them and thus developing a blue print for the kind of learner that they will become.

A mixed-age classroom means that children are learning from one another and learning is differentiated by interest and ability rather than by a child's age.


This period of a child's life is also when we see the development of a child's character. Our Saplings begin to learn about nature and the wider world and community and see the part that they play. By connecting our students to nature and learning to care for small plants and animals, we are building empathetic stewards to an environmentally conscious world.  

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