The Prepared Environment

Our Montessori guides create an environment that has been prepared with the child in mind. Many preschool environments dictate when it is time to do art, when it is time for children to move around, and the adults are often the gatekeepers to the child's materials and learning implements. 

In a Montessori prepared environment, the materials and works that are out on the shelves are accessible to the children. Students have the freedom to choose whatever they wish to work with and with that freedom, comes the responsibilities to take care of their learning environment. 

When the environment is prepared for the child, they begin to take the lead on their educational journey and that is when the true learning begins!


Our Learning Environments

Learning environments should be inspiring, serene, and prepared with the child in mind. Take a look at some beautifully curated classrooms and materials that makes wBees a special place to learn.


Independent Learners

Our students move with independence and ease in our prepared environments while taking complete ownership of their learning. Our beautiful Montessori materials help develop care of the environment, order, and build skills that live on beyond their preschool years.